B2B plain text email outreach

Plain text email outreach is still one of the most effective ways of making first contact with your ideal customer.

We will contact your ideal customers, generate interest in your product or service and then convert these interested prospects into a healthy and consistent stream of sales leads, removing the worry of running out of people to close again.


How it works


Step 1 - The Data

We have access to GDPR compliant records.


Step 2 - Your Ideal Client

We’ll have a consultation, to ensure that the people we contact are your ideal customers. We can determine these people by criteria such as (‘Industry,’ ‘Geography,’ ‘Position,’ and many more).


Step 3 – Emailing

We’ll contact these prospects through plain text email outreach, which mirrors the emails that a salesperson would send. We do this because with high-value products and services this is congruent with the sales process. Your prospects are more likely to respond to an email from a salesperson, as opposed to a faceless marketing department.


Step 4 – The Leads

Any prospects who reply with a positive response (Clicks on a link, to asking how much does it cost?), will either be closed on an appointment, or handed to you to be added to your sales pipeline. This is dependent on the particular industry you operate in.

Any prospects who don’t reply, will be sent follow-up emails to prompt a positive response.

Step 5 – Customers

You get to turn these prospects into long term loyal customers.

B2B Telemarketing

This service is coming soon