We understand that selling is the lifeblood of your business. We also understand that getting appointments with prospects is the HARDEST part of the sales process. Setting time aside to cold call. Getting through difficult Gatekeepers. Pinning the Decision Maker down to a business call. It's hard work. Through email and LinkedIn outreach, we aim to do this part of the sales process for you and bring you in where the prospect is ready for an appointment with you.  


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Guy Wilson

Founder and Sales Director


Hello. My name's Guy and I'm pleased to meet you. I pride myself on delivering the best possible service.

I've been in sales for many years and understand the hard work it takes to get a prospect to agree to a sales call. I found a big barrier was the data our company bought and the email marketing that followed it up.

People we were contacting didn’t work there anymore. The business didn’t have a need for the product. So, of the businesses had gone bust. The emails that were sent out would go into the spam folder. It was largely ineffective, and I was left to cold call all these companies, pretty much starting from square one.

I realised that what salespeople needed, was to avoid all this pain and be brought in at the point where the prospect was ready for a sales appointment. And that’s when I decided I could do better and because of that I set up The Clockwork Group. I would ensure that that pain I endured in my sales career would be avoided by my clients, because they’ll all be brought into the sale when the prospect is ready for a sales appointment.